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Digium’s Switchvox Softphone for iPhone is Better than Ever with Apple CallKit
发布日期:2017年01月26日     阅读次数:983

HUNTSVILLE, AL., January 26, 2017—Today, Digium®, Inc. announced its newest version of Switchvox Softphone that takes full advantage of Apple CallKit, introduced in iOS 10. Designed for use with Switchvox, Digiums award-winning Unified Communications (UC) Solution, the app uses the latest iOS technologies to dramatically improve battery life performance, allow for more accurate notifications and alerts, and integrate with native iOS call handling to improve your mobile calling experience.

Digium is proud to be among the first major UC Solutions providers to offer a CallKit-enhanced softphone. The app enables iPhone users to experience a truly integrated, easy to use communications platform that offers in-office type functionality. What used to be a nice to try mobile application has rapidly become a necessity in todays business communications world. Switchvox Softphone for iPhone is a prime example of UC mobility at its finest.

Todays workforce is more distributed and mobile than ever, and as such, relies heavily on mobile devices for business communication, said Steve Harvey, Vice President, Digium Worldwide Sales & Service.  I can say first hand, as someone who travels constantly and uses the Switchvox Softphone app daily, that Apple CallKit integration has positively transformed the utility of the app. It is now seamlessly integrated into the normal call handling flow of my mobile device. Switchvox Softphone 3.0 is truly like carrying your business phone in your pocket.

The latest Switchvox Softphone is tightly integrated with iOS 10. Softphone calls now display the same way as native iOS calls, even when the app is closed or the phone is locked. With a shared user experience, handling multiple calls is simple. And, with native lock-screen call handling options, it is possible to answer softphone calls with a single swipe.

As with previous versions of the Switchvox Softphone app, users still have access to enterprise-class features such as contacts, status/presence indicators, visual voicemail, call logs and in-call options such as transfer, conferencing and recording. Switchvox Softphone provides a desktop phone experience, with ease of use, advanced features and flexible customization options - right in the palm of your hand.

The new version of Switchvox Softphone is available to download for free, making it accessible for anyone using Switchvox. There are no additional in-app fees or advertisements in the app. The Switchvox Softphone app is now available in the Apple iTunes Store and requires iOS 10, Switchvox 6.3.3 or later and an extension subscription. The Switchvox Softphone app is also available for Android. For more information on the Switchvox Softphone app, visit or

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